Awakening the Healer Within

Explore your consciousness, connect with your Higher Self, Find the root cause of your challenges & receiving healing

This healing program takes you other past lives, realms/ dimensions for healing, meaningful info and full mind expansion. 


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Awakening the Healer Within

For those going thru spiritual awakening who are ready to release their traumas, patterns, fears and doubts within 12 weeks to feel empowered, present and connected.

This is program can be done 100% online (via Zoom) or in person. My office is at 5700 Lake Worth Rd. Greenacres, FL 33463 Suite 311-3 (all sessions by appointment only).
Each program is customized to you. Everyone's needs and traumas / fears are different. Within the program we focus on the top #1-2 thing that you need to release to be free!
program benefits

So what is the Awakening the Healer Within program?

program benefits

You can sign up for the 12 weeks fast version program or 1 full year.

The ONE Year is especially for those that need extra time to integrate their sessions or perhaps have scheduling challenges etc.

  • 5 Quantum Healing Sessions Total (Either in Person or Online) for the full 1 year Program - (full 1 year includes 8 sessions).
    • Womb Regression - release 'aspects of yourself' that are holding you back 
    • Awaken, Develop & Strengthen your connection to Your ancient and recent Ancestors
    • Let go of what keeps holding you down / back.
    • Let go of anger, resentment, jealousy, fear, anxiety, etc.
    • Release hopelessness / unworthiness
    • Heart, Throat and 3rd Eye Clearing, Awakening and Connection
    • Each program is customized to you. Everyone's needs and traumas / fears are different. Within the program we focus on the top #1-2 thing that you need to release to be free!

The 12 Weeks Intensive Program

Focus on the top #1-2 thing that you need to release that would make a significant impact within your life!

  • Includes 5 Sessions (while the one year program includes 8 sessions, the 12 weeks fast version only includes up to 5 sessions) 
  • 3 Integration calls (optional) but highly recommended

The Awakening the Healer Within Training Program is about healing your traumas, fears and doubts so you can step forward in life feeling great, present with mental clarity, hopeful about the future, and connected.  

If You are ready to stop suffering, are ready to let go of limitations and want to reach at new level in your healing journey this program will be an excellent investment of your energy emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. 


What makes you sad, upset, angry, resentful?

*First Quantum Healing Session approx. 4 hours

**Each following Quantum Healing Session is to be scheduled for approx. 3.5-4 hours

**Quantum Healing Sessions & Integration Sessions via Zoom must be scheduled in advanced by using my calendar link at

This program is for a period of 12 weeks (or the 1 year program)

The most important part of this program will be your healing sessions and integration meetings with me. The lectures are just a bonus!

The Healing Sessions can be online or in person 

You must have great internet connection, a computer with camera and mic, and each session must be done in complete quiet. 

We will not rush through any of these sessions as this is a sacred time for you and your healing. Which is why I reserve 4 hours for each session.

So what’s the price?

This course is easily worth over $5k but I believe that spirit knows what its doing I am also trusting the process and pricing this for the amount they have indicated for the next open enrollment price of $3597  for the 1 year program and $2499 for the 12 weeks fast version program.


This is a highly private training program. The lectures are recorded so you can go at your own pace.

The healing sessions are private and can be done in person or online (via zoom).
The monthly integration coaching sessions are also private.

If you have questions please email me [email protected] or check my calendar here if you ready to book your sessions.
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Access to 8 healing sessions, 12 private integration calls: 1 Year program.

For $3597 One time payment

Get started below

Access to 5 healing, 3 private integration calls, 12 Weeks Fast Version Program.

For $2499

Awakening the Healer Within

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