Awakening the Healer Within

Awakening the Healer Within Training Program

 This ‘program’ was designed and requested by Light Beings specifically the Arcturians although when the vision for this course occurred, they allowed me to see the other beings that are part of the group council. They called themselves The Intergalactic Healers. The design of this program was 100% channeled therefore the schedule, lectures, discussion themes and how everything is to be done will be done as requested by the Intergalactic Healers Council members.

This is program can be done 100% online (via Zoom) or in person. My office is at 5700 Lake Worth Rd. Greenacres, FL 33463 Suite 311-3 (all sessions by appointment only).

program benefits

So what is the program?

program benefits

1 Year Quantum Healing Based Program to Heal Traumas, Activate DNA Codes & Tap into your Full Potential:

  • 8 Quantum Healing Sessions Total (Either in Person or Online)
    • 1 Quantum Healing Session / Womb Regression - General Healing of whatever YOU, the Program Participant, Healer in Development would like to address, heal from or understand better
    • 1 Quantum Healing Session / Soul Regression – to Awaken, Develop or Strengthen your connection to Your ancient and or recent Ancestors
    • 1 Life Between Live / Bardo Realm Session – Meet your Spirit Guide/s (You may choose to focus on Animal Spirit Guides)
    • Specific Chakra healing (1-2 chakras that requires the most attention)
    • Heart Energy Alignment, Development, and Connection 
    • Throat and 3rd Eye Clearing, Awakening and Connection
    • Crown Chakra Alignment, Activation / Awakening or Development of Spiritual Gifts
    • 1 Quantum Healing Session –to activate additional DNA codes to awaken more Spiritual Gift/s

What else is included?

  • Monthly Individual Meetings (Either in Person or Online) – 45 mins or so.
  • Monthly SMALL Group Meetings (Online) – 1 hr  to 1:30hrs
  • Lectures (Optional) - all lectures will be based on the teachings your 3D Guide has received throughout the years, we, The Intergalactic Healers will channel additional information to help her focus the content so that it’s usable to you. 

  • Lectures to include: Information on channeling spirit guides, channeling information from other dimensions, meditations, flowers/herbs baths (and how to do them yourself for yourself and your clients), energy movement, intuitive training, sacred sound understanding, how to elevate your frequency, and more.
  • Because your 3D Guide, Victoria, loves working with the occult/mystical teachings, we allowed her some room to do some lectures on the more mystical things, you’ll have the option to listen if you feel attracted to those teachings.

If You are ready to understand your soul’s mission, are ready to let go of all limitations and want to reach your highest potential then this training program will be an excellent investment of your energy both emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

We Welcome YOU. End of Transmission

*First Quantum Healing Session approx. 4-6 hours

**Each following Quantum Healing Session is to be scheduled for approx. 3.5-5 hours

**Quantum Healing Sessions & Integration Sessions via Zoom or in person are scheduled in advanced by using my calendar link at

This program is for a period of 12 MONTHS! 

The most important part of this program will be your quantum healing sessions and integration meetings with me. The lectures are just a bonus!

You can book your first quantum healing session as soon as you enroll in the course.

The Quantum Healing Sessions can be online or in person 

You must have great internet connection, a computer with camera and mic, and each session must be done in complete quietness. 

We will not rush through any of these sessions as we are going to be awakening the spiritual gifts inactive within you that just need to be nurtured and activated so we are not rushing anything…here patience and integration will be vital for your development.

So what’s the price?

This course is easily worth over $5k but I believe that spirit knows what its doing so I am also trusting the process and pricing this for the amount they have indicated for the next open enrollment price of $1997 

Please if you are not serious about putting in the work, healing and leaving the old you behind, then this program is NOT for you. This is going to be serious but very beautiful journey. To learn more about me and my practice please see


This is a highly private training program. The lectures are recorded so you can go at your own pace.

The quantum healing sessions are private and can be done in person or online (via zoom).
The monthly integration coaching sessions are also private.

The Group Integration Calls are optional but highly recommended.

If you have questions please email me [email protected] or check my calendar here if you ready to book your sessions.

*First Quantum Healing Session approx. 5-6+ hours approx.

**Each Quantum Healing Session is to be scheduled for approx. 3.5 to 5 hours - sometimes longer.

PS. I have the right to decline any individuals if I feel that I am not going to be of any service to them or if at any time I find the individual is lacking respect.

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Access to quantum healing, private integration calls, group integration, community and membership access all for 1 year.

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Access to quantum healing, private integration calls, group integration, community and membership access all for 1 year.

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