Helping those going thru spiritual awakening

Omar shares his story: From hopelessness to hope, from nightmares to sweet dreams and finding peace

Mar 16, 2023

Omar gave permission to share this beautiful message here. Omar's journey is a testament to the power of believing that healing is possible. He went from hopeless and having nightmares to finding peace and finding resilience. Omar's case was a very extreme case so it has taken 8 sessions to get him to this point where he is claiming how surprising its for him to see how different life has been since he went thru his 2022 crisis to now. He is now going to do the Awakening the Healer program to continue to address some things he feels are pending and continue his deep healing journey. I help those going thru spiritual awakening to feel confident, empowered, and connected thru the Awakening the Healer Program or the 3-Days Intensive Healing & Spiritual Ceremonies Program.

#hopelessness #overcominghopelessness

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